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The Multi Agency Risk Assessment Model is a framework for services in screening and assessing risk for children and families.  It assists agencies to accurately identify appropriate cases for onward referral to Children’s Services and in focusing support plans for children to effectively reduce risk and concerns.  The information collated as part of the risk assessment provides relevant information for submitting referrals to Children’s Services and will aid discussions between safeguarding partners. The Multi Agency Risk Assessment Model includes two key components. 

The 'Risk Screening' tool is simply to encourage practice that checks all cases for indication of concerns about significant harm. 

This can be implemented in different ways by different agencies.  It should however, include:

  • Asking the critical question, ‘do you have any concerns about significant harm?’
  • Recording your decision
  • Acting on the decision
  • Screening routinely and regularly

The 'Analysing risk' tool is a detailed framework for undertaking an assessment of the risk of significant harm for a child.  It explores components including the capacity of parents, the child’s needs, level of harm, prediction for the future and what may make harm significant. 

There are also two tools used specifically to help the multi agency partnership understand and work with families where there are concerns of neglect.

Finally there is a tool to assist professionals in understanding parents' capacity to change.

These tools are available for any services, schools or organisations working with Trafford children and young people. Owing to copyright they are password protected. 

If you require access, please email a request from your organisation's email address.

Tool kit documents 


Neglect Toolkit

The Neglect Toolkit can be downloaded via the link below.