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A Shared Responsibility

"Safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children – and in particular protecting them from significant harm – depends upon effective joint working between agencies and workers/practitioners that have different roles and expertise."

Trafford's Strategic Safeguarding Board (TSSB) is committed to working in partnership, both locally, regionally and nationally, to tackle the clear and emerging issues that are known collectively as 'complex safeguarding'.

There is growing evidence that exploitation and abuse of children and adults from organised crime, sexual exploitation, financial exploitation, trafficking and 'modern slavery' and abuse related to dangerous cultural practices, are increasing.

Recent research indicates that complex safeguarding crosses geographic boundaries, as evidenced in the growing threat from human trafficking, drug markets and exploitation. It also cuts across age and gender. Children and young people and adults are equally at risk of criminal and sexual exploitation, particularly where they have other vulnerabilities. That is why responses to exploitation need to be rooted in local communities, supported by a strong and clear strategic vision that can deliver change. We must all work together to protect vulnerable individuals and communities.

The challenge of tackling exploitation and associated forms of abuse, cannot be underestimated. That is why TSSB has prioritised complex safeguarding as a key theme in our safeguarding strategy.

The TSSB complex safeguarding sub -board is focused on working with key local agencies, and at GM level to identify exploitation, putting responses is place - both strategic and service focused, and listening to the voices and experiences of those who are at risk of, or have been exploited.

I know you will join me in welcoming this strategy, and in providing your support and commitment to ensuring that we direct our collective efforts to tackling exploitation in Trafford.

Maureen Noble

Independent Chair

Trafford Strategic Safeguarding Board