Involving Children & Young People in Safeguarding

"The TSCB is committed to involving children and young people and working in partnership with them to ensure the TSCB operates effectively."

The Chair of the TSCB will work closely with existing representative groups of children and young people in Trafford to ensure there is two way communication between them and the board.

The current groups involved are the Trafford Youth Cabinet, and the Youth Service Forum. Each group has identified a lead young person for safeguarding. Each group will receive a report from each safeguarding meeting in a format that they decide.

Members of the Youth Cabinet have raised safeguarding issues for the board to discuss and other groups will shortly do so.

The Chair will meet each group at least twice a year. The groups will be notified of TCSB meeting dates and invited to suggest agenda items. They will also be asked to comment on safeguarding planning and make suggestions about priorities.

Groups may also be commissioned to undertake research with other young people about safeguarding issues.

The Chair of the TSCB and the Advocacy and Advocacy Officer will continue to seek out other groups of children and young people who may wish to be involved in this process.