Involving Children & Young People in Safeguarding

"The TSCB is committed to involving children and young people and working in partnership with them to ensure the TSCB operates effectively."

Domestic abuse is any incident of threatening behaviour, violence or abuse between adults who are or have been partners or family members

It can make children and young people feel:

  • Powerless:  Because they can’t stop the abuse
  • Confused: Because it doesn't make sense
  • Angry: Because it shouldn’t be happening
  • Guilty: Because they think they’ve done something wrong
  • Sad: Because it’s a loss
  • Afraid: Because they may be hurt, they may lose someone they love, others may find out
  • Alone: Because they think it’s happening only to them


If there is domestic abuse happening in your house you should speak to someone you trust about it.

More information about domestic abuse can be found at The Hide Out.