Trafford Strategic Safeguarding Partnership

Graded Care Profile 2

From September 2019 agencies working with children and families in Trafford will start to use the Graded Care Profile 2.

The GCP2 provides an excellent way to measure and scale the quality of care delivered whilst keeping the child at the centre, but it doesn’t review or collate information on the causes that may have led to suboptimal parenting. It therefore works well alongside the Early Help Assessment, Child and Family Assessments, Child in Need and Child Protection Plans, in addition to any other assessments that agencies may use at all thresholds of the level of need.

The focus of this assessment is child neglect, it will not help assess the other categories of abuse.

To use the Graded Care Profile 2 Tool you must be licensed. Training is now available for any member of staff/volunteer who works with children and families in Trafford and would benefit from using the tool.

For further information on the Graded Care Profile 2 you can make an enquiry by email.


Posted on Tuesday 13th August 2019